Vocational Discernment

I currently am in seminary school to get my Master of Arts in Practical Theology (MAPT) Degree in Pastoral Care in Theology.   As of today, God has not called me to preach or pastor.  What I did hear him say is, ” teach, seek knowledge, reach high, wide, and low, and love the people.  The pulpit is at your feet.  Wherever you are I am with you always.  I will speak through you, my willing vessel.  Just trust me!”

My pastoral care concentration is in the area of prayer, grief, loss, addiction, mental health, and chaplaincy. God has shown me after completing my MAPT Degree I will transfer from my current position as a Public Safety Officer to a chaplain in the Pastoral Care Department before my retirement.  Yes, all of this is amazing and overwhelming, but I must continue to walk in confidence and conviction that God is ordering my steps.

One of the many great professors I have had the opportunity to learn from and they have poured into me said. Pay attention. Vocations are always shifting.  Moving forward on this journey I will keep my spiritual eyes and ears open.  I must pay attention to when the shift comes.  When the joy and excitement are no longer there you are no longer walking in your calling.



Graduated December 2017

Bachelor of Science Degree Christian Ministries

Go ye there, therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Matthew 25:19

September 2018

1st year  Master of Arts in Practical Theology/Pastoral Care (MAPT) Degree