Come Journey With Me

20180729_181832 greta jump2     My journey started in September 2015. 👣

I trust God just this much!!  My experience skydiving was an experience I could never explain or share all of the emotions and thoughts I felt that day. Sitting on the edge of the door preparing to jump I felt God’s presence.  I felt a transfer of energy sitting there

14, 000 feet in the air.  The image in my head:  Jumping from the plane into the arms of my father.

I waited on fear, but it never came.

I waited on a changed mind to jump, but it never came.

I waited for the quiver in my belly, but it never came.

This jumping experience felt very similar to my first spiritual anointing in the presence of Christ.

I can jump out of this plane a second time but I can not repeat the same experiences.

Just like my first experience in the presence of God it too can never be repeated.

My presence among men and women in this world will never be the same since I fell in love with Jesus.  The fragrance of God’s anointing is still fresh in my nostrils.

My faith aligns with my skydive jump that day.  I trusted the flight instructor, the pilot, the flight gear I had on.  My spiritual journey for me is just like that.

I trust God more than I trust the flight instructor, the pilot, and the flight gear.  With my whole heart, I surrender.  Use me Father, my hands, my heart, my eyes, my tongue, my feet to do thy will.

With my life I trust God.  God is my instructor and pilot. God has given me my manual and my journey gear, which is the whole armor, the Word.  I am suited and booted to serve God’s people.


           to share my journey

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You Got To JUMP!!!!

20180729_181810 greta jump

 👣 👣Footprints  👣  👣

For others to follow and know it is possible.

My 👣  👣 👣 footprints are to remind me where I have been and to create a template for those who thought they were not smart enough or unteachable.

Father, I give you my yes!!

Father,   I give you my step of FAITH

Father, I give you my jump of FAITH