About Greta 👣 

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Hi, my name is Greta. I am currently a second-year theology student at Columbia Theology Seminary.  As I enter my second year of seminary, this journey has been rewarding and challenging.

There have been many questions of why God would place me on an educational journey requiring so much of me mentally, physically, and financially?  Why Lord is this level of education necessary?  I just want to serve you, serve your people and do your will.  So why now, why at this stage of my life when life should be winding down and not winding up.

As of today all the why’s are not yet answered but during the journey, I see many possibilities and tables being set as my educational journey prepares me to be dispatched out in the world to minister to the marginalized, the lost, and the unbelievers.

Welcome to my Next……QUESTION MARK

Glad you asked 👣 


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I believe in the power of prayer